Megastore Benetton, Verona

The construction of the new Benetton Megastore located in the very central via Mazzini in Verona, entailed using NPS® in work for restoration and renovation with seismic adaptation of a 16th century building. Substantial structural changes had been made in the 50s on the building listed under the Conservation Act, with 3 floors above ground located on an area of about 700 sqm.

The required work entailed completely dismantling the inner floors, maintaining the outer envelope and creating a new internal structure with a layout consisting of 2 floors for retail use and 2 floors for residential use.

The flexibility of the NPS® construction system made it possible to proceed in stages.
After making the concrete walls, demolitions were made of minimal 1x1 m slab areas, so as to install the pillars from the bottom up. The pillars were then assembled in 4m sections, with special joints provided in the middle of each floor. 
After fitting the pillars ands filling the concrete, to prevent the pillar from stabilising with the roof in the transient stage, the cross glazing area was also filled with lean concrete.

This solution on one side allowed the pillar to remain bound to the roof up to the roof, thus securing it, on the other the slabs to be constructed top down. Lean concrete was then gradually demolished to permit inserting the NPS® Basic beams, on which the sheet metal slab was then laid after complete demolition of the existing one.

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