St. Gregory Aggregate, L'Aquila

Reconstruction of the San Gregorio aggregate in L'Aquila. Four bodies, for a total of 1,100 m2, built with NPS® Air, the ideal solution

for buildings in seismic zones. A frame composed of PDTI® NPS® column, NPS® BASIC rafter and Airfloor™ floor.

Some special features:
1. the wall of the previous building has been preserved and it’s part of the load-bearing structure
2. the Airfloor™ slab was chosen for this work because of its self-supporting capacity of up to 5.9 metres and its low weight after casting of only 190 kg/m2.
3. the PDTI® NPS® three-storey columns were delivered in one piece, speeding up assembly activities
4. the inclined NPS® BASIC beam was combined with the timber roof slab.

Products used in the project

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