Novegro Exhibition Park

The Novegro Exhibition Park is a consolidated historical reality of the trade fair system of Milan, located a few steps away from its Linate Airport, an increasingly attractive and qualified area. The architectural project involves the elevation of an exhibition building, in order to obtain a service residence for the same pavilion. The project and the elements of Tecnostrutture's NPS® range allowed the realisation of the intervention in a coherent way with the architectural, structural and functional requirements.

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The existing body of the building consists of a single rectangular volume of approximately 615 square metres at ground level; the extension work consists of raising one floor of the body of this building. The client was led to choose Tecnostrutture's NPS® system products (PDTI® Pillars, NPS® Basic Beam; NPS® Airfloor™ floor slab) because of the need to use a structure with reduced weights for the extension floor, in order to reduce the effect of horizontal actions due to the earthquake.
The architect Gabriele Pagliuzzi underlines: "the meeting with Tecnostrutture S.r.l. was not occasional, but derived from a thorough investigation of what the market offered for an impeccable and economically sustainable intervention".

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